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We get it; scheduling jobs is hard work. Let us make it easier for you. Sign up for CoverCrow, then create your profile so agencies can see who you are. Perform targeted job searches, set up targeted job alerts, let agencies know your current job status – available, on the record, finishing up. Pick up an extra job before heading home. Let agencies know what courtroom department you are in so you can get all the work that’s calendared for that day and never have to share a reporter desk with six reporters again. Let us help you make more money! Don’t work harder; work smarter!

Key Capabilities

Daily Job Opportunities

Hundreds of job opportunities are available each day on our universal, customized job board

Live Availability Check-In Status

Let agencies know your live availability status and get job alerts, but keep your identity private until you respond to their job posting

Targeted Job Alerts

Create targeted email & SMS job alerts using our powerful job filters and eliminate noise

Court Roll Call

Check in to a Courthouse and Department and get all jobs scheduled in there for the day

Manage Jobs

Access all your jobs in one place on your own custom job board

Emergency Job Cancelation

24/7 online access to emergency notification functions

Document Vault

All the documents you need in one place when you need them. Cut down on busy work chasing after W-9’s and on-boarding documents. Share your documents when it’s time automatically

Get Your Name Out There

Create a basic profile that lets agencies know who you are

Agency Reviews and Testimonials

Share what you like about your favorite agencies or new discoveries

Instant Access to Rate Insights

See rate details up front, such as page & per diem rates, when browsing jobs or know whether an agency will use your rates

Notifications & Direct Messaging to Agencies

Reach out directly to any agency or scheduler about job details with one click. Keep contacts and Communication all in one place

Mobile Friendly

No app required. Easily check in, set alerts, set auto acceptances and manage your jobs all from your mobile phone

Instant Access to Job & Agency Insights

See job details when browsing jobs without sharing your personal data & view Agency profiles to see 5-star ratings & testimonials

Automatic Job Acceptances (* Add-on Service - an additional fee applies)

Let CoverCrow's job scheduling concierge responed to the jobs you want for you while you're on the record


Make More Money

Schedule more motions in one department, pick up another job in close proximity to your last job, get job alerts for jobs with bonuses or added services, and use our job concierge to never miss a high-paying job for tomorrow because you were on the record!

Keep Your Business Private

Never publish your location on social media again. CoverCrow keeps all of your location information private and on a need-to-know basis. We never share your identity without your permission.

Expand Your Network

CoverCrow has an expansive network of great agencies waiting to be discovered by you. Your fellow reporters may keep their favorite agencies a secret from you, but we never will!

Save Valuable Time

CoverCrow helps you do more, faster. Automating the mundane, speeding search, and enabling action are just the beginning.

Fight Electronic & Digital Recording

Ensure that job demand is met by making sure agencies can cover jobs with a Gold-Standard stenographer every time!