Our Value to You

CoverCrow is a unique online job-calendaring system—designed by and for court reporters —to match court reporters with court reporting agencies at the touch of a button.

Whether you’re an agency, court stenographer, or provide other legal services, we give you all the tools you need for: Calendaring Coverage Collaboration.

When you use CoverCrow’s cloud-based, mobile-friendly platform, you get:

  • A personalized job board that lets you easily post, assign, accept, and track jobs—so schedulers can cover their calendar quickly, with the right reporters, and reporters can get the work they want, when they want it.
  • Unique real-time map that shows you all the available jobs and reporters—to save agencies time and money, and enable stenographers to earn more by reducing travel time between jobs.
  • Unique automatic job-acceptance system that lets court reporters define, accept and schedule suitable jobs—even while you’re on the record.
  • Support for remote jobs by telephone or video—so you can work from home.
  • Real-time dashboard with live reports—so you can see the current status of all your jobs.
  • Automatic alerts that filter out “noise”—so you’ll see only the types of jobs that you define.
  • Unique Document Vault for rate sheets, onboarding paperwork, transcripts, witness lists, W-9s, and more—so you can find all your key documents in one place.
  • Direct messaging through CoverCrow—to eliminate blast emails and connect agencies and reporters more easily.
  • Two-way ratings and reviews—to give everyone more transparent relationships.

Why CoverCrow?

As court reporters ourselves, we live and breathe our industry's challenges every day. We came up with the idea for CoverCrow to solve two big problems:

  • The current shortage of court reporters—we are under stress from the growing demand for our services.
  • Competition from digital reporting and electronic recording—we human court reporters need to work smarter to survive and succeed.

Every element of CoverCrow is engineered and integrated to make job-matching easier, more efficient, and more effective for you.

If you're an agency, we help you engage the right freelancers for each job, manage your time better, reduce your costs, and increase your profits.

If you're a freelancer, we help you choose the right agency to work with, get you just the jobs you want, make the best use of your time, and increase your income.

Whether you're an individual, a large organization or somewhere in between, CoverCrow gives you all the tools you need to schedule work easier and make your business better.

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The CoverCrow Community is Safe.

We're building a safe space for your community in our platform. We'll be here in the background, keeping your community secure and GDPR-compliant.


Your data belongs to you.
It's not ours to sell.

Privacy is at the heart of what we do at CoverCrow, Inc. Your data is yours and yours alone. It's not ours to track, share, or sell to advertisers.

We comply with the new California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

About Our Founder

Cassandra Caldarella, the founder and CEO of CoverCrow, has almost two decades of experience as a certified shorthand reporter. Formerly an official court reporter for The Superior Court of California, Cassandra is currently a freelance pro tempore civil trial reporter for the Los Angeles and Orange County Superior Courts.

Prior to becoming a court stenographer, Cassandra worked for Fortune 500 tech companies. Her experience there developing and managing technology projects proved invaluable in starting up CoverCrow.

Cassandra earned her BA in Communication from California State University at Long Beach, studied at Imperial College London and the University of London, and graduated from South Coast College of Court Reporting.

At home, Cassandra is a wife, a mom to a toddling daughter, a fish called Beta, and a cat named Gato (who is not allowed to play with Beta).

Professional Associations and Volunteer Work

Cassandra has given her time and energy to many industry groups and nonprofits, including:

  • National Court Reporters Association
  • California Court Reporters Association
  • California Official Court Reporters Assoc.
  • Los Angeles Court Reporters Association
  • Orange Cty Superior Court Reporters Assoc.
  • Deposition Reporters Association
  • Orange County Bar Association (affiliate)
  • LA County Trial Lawyer Association (affiliate)
  • Founded “Court Reporters for a Cure,”Race Team for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in Fashion Island
  • Created Mentor and Scholarship programs for the Deposition Reporters Association
  • Developed a 12-week court reporting “Realtime Workshop” at South Coast College
  • Founder/admin of popular Facebook groups “ Why I Love Court Reporting” and " Court Reporters and Zoom"

Cassandra has also served in leadership roles for Toastmasters and Zonta International, dedicated respectively to developing leadership skills and empowering women.