How it Works

  • Post Jobs


    Create job orders or job alerts and tell us exactly what you want.

  • Collaborate


    We find freelancers and jobs in our network that perfectly match your criteria.

  • Cover Jobs


    Automatically cover jobs, and Fast!

How it Works1

  • Create

    Create your job order and publish it on the only universal, customized job board in the legal services industry. Robust matching algorithms technology finds qualified, vetted, available court reporters with exactly the right skills and equipment needed for your jobs, and Fast. Freelancers can create job alerts that match the jobs they want, when they want them, and from whom they want them.
  • Collaborate

    Omni-channel communication, job alerts, job notifications, in-platform messaging, live freelancer availability - check-in with GPS field location, home, or Court Roll Call - document vault, agency & freelancer profiles with ratings and testimonials and favorites, and a one-touch reporter emergency job notification and cancellation.
  • Automate

    The world's first automatic job scheduling concierge for freelancers called "Auto-Accept" lets freelancers respond to job alerts while we're on the record, like an auto-pilot mode. Freelancers can also manually cover jobs with one tap. Agencies can automate scheduling with the first available freelancer or choose from a list of available and interested freelancers.



No downloads. Instant updates. Mobile-friendly platform for the mobile freelancer workforce.

Targeted Jobs

Get targeted job alerts via email and SMS. Customized job board shows only the jobs you want to see. Eliminate the noise.

Custom Dashboard

View & manage all your jobs in one place. Access to job details and job documentation without the hassle.
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